A System's Approach to Sustainable Development

Why reinvent the wheel ... wasting time and money going it alone ... when we can help you comprehensively tackle your problems and find effective solutions to achieve sustainable development?

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About Us

Five Es Unlimited is a business located in Napa, CA that provides consultant services to local governments, nonprofit organizations, corporations, businesses, or any group interested in planning for sustainable development and taking action. We offer clients guidance in taking charge of their destiny and achieving sustainability goals that they, themselves identify.

Five E's was founded in 1997 and is backed up by more than 25 years experience in environmental science research and management, as well as sustainable environmental and community economic development projects. The Firm works in its own bioregion, the wine producing valleys and bay-coastal ecosystems of northern CA, as well as nationally and internationally, on concerns and desires communities have related to improved well-being and a more sustainable future. We help people and organizations understand how sustainable economic development, offering equal opportunity to all people (social equity), can only occur if the natural environment upon which it depends is carefully managed.

Five E's addresses the many sides of sustainability -- flexible, integrated, environmental resource planning, policy, and protection simultaneous to the sound, enduring advancement of neighboring human communities. Sustainable development implies the ability of humans to coexist in a manner that achieves economic well-being while maintaining wildlife, wildlands, decent environments, and social equality, today and for future generations.

Warren Flint, Ph.D., is the owner of Five Es Unlimited and is personally committed to encouraging people around the world to think and act sustainably. As sustainable development specialists, Dr. Flint has proven skills in clearly articulating the case for fully integrating business decisions with environmental decisions.

We encourage collaborative relationships among ecological, social justice, and economic development interests and assist people in thinking broadly across disciplines and other boundaries. Our track record indicates that we are successful in helping our clients achieve sound sustainable development awareness, understanding, and action.

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