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Dr. Flint: "Your way of writing about the subject of sustainability invites the reader to really try and understand its meaning and wide range of applications. I especially value the way you describe the model of sustainability in that it offers a wide range of applications to solving our world’s problems. For example, I can see benefits from applying your sustainability model to ways of promoting social rehabilitation from drug and alcohol abuse in Sweden. So thank you for useful input in my teaching." (Anneli Wigforss Percy, University lecturer, School of Health and Society, Study Programme in Health Promotion and Education, Kristianstad University College, Stockholm, Sweden: Anneli.Wigforss-Percy@hkr.se)

“Dr. Flint: I just wanted to say thank you very much for inspiring me in regards to the use of the concept of Sustainability. I am graduating soon with a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Walden University with a concentration on Local Government Management for Sustainable Community Development. Your work, as presented in the class video learning segments, was very instrumental not only to me but to the entire group focusing of SD” (Guy Jean, Concord, NC: guy.jean@yahoo.com).

I am a sophomore at Frostburg State University and just finished my first sustainable studies class. I really admire the work of Five E's Unlimited which was presented in our class setting. I just wanted to commend your organization on what you are doing (Angelica S. Thomas, Frostburg State Univ. asthomas0@frostburge.edu)

"The Dauphin Island Sustainable Community Strategic Planning project directed by Dr. Warren Flint of Five E's Unlimited applied a variety of public participation tools to engage and cause enthusiasm from many different kinds of stakeholders. The outcome was a community-driven strategic plan rather than one developed in isolation and presented by consultants or Town leaders. This plan contained contributions from all participants on short- and long-term actions and built on the community’s appreciation for its natural resources and ecological systems, allowing all stakeholders to use their collective wisdom to develop strategies for ensuring economic viability and social integrity in ways that were environmentally sustainable." Dr. Alice Siu (Center for Deliberative Democracy, Stanford University), 2009 IAP2 Core Value Award's Judge.

"Warren ...... Things are going quite well on the Dauphin Island. Lots going on. We purchased some property at the west end of Bienville Blvd and will be opening our new public beach there on June 20. The same day we will open our new 'green park' next to Ship and Shore. The pedestrian park will have a few picnic tables, gazebo for people to bird watch, have lunch or read a book. The century year old oaks now can be readily seen and enjoyed by all. We are also poised to purchase two abutting properties across the street from the police dept (on Aloe Bay). This is all part of our 'downtown business district & working waterfront' efforts. At the same time we are nearly finished with our new building at Billy Goat Hole (approx 1000 sq ft including restrooms and retail shop). All we have to do now is keep the hurricanes away and the Island should regroup in a short while. We have several new businesses that have opened in the past 3-4 months including two restaurants, a kayak rental and a florist/gift shop. See what Five E’s and you did !!!!!! All my best .... Jeff Collier, Mayor, Dauphin Island, AL (251-861-5525; jwcollier4@hotmail.com)

"Leading with a firm hand Dr. Flint was careful not to impose ideas upon us, but have everyone voice his or her thoughts and concerns about the issues. I thought this approach was excellent and the experience of the round-table discussions exciting and very satisfying. My experience in working with Dr. Flint was very positive and I think he has a good ability for this type of project." Ms. Marianne Kooiman, Anacortes, WA (eyrie@cnw.com)

"Many positive ideas and projects arose out of the Dauphin Island Strategic Planning process and we feel that Dr. Flint did a supurb and professional job in guiding the Town to these conclusions. The Town of Dauphin Island would highly recommend Dr. Warren Flint for any sustainable community development project." Mr. Jeff Collier, Mayor, Dauphin Island, AL (251-861-5525; jwcollier4@hotmail.com)

"Five E's is a valuable resource for both sustainable project design and community assistance on developing more sustainable lifestyles." Mr. Steve Stephenson, Big Island Community Council Projects, Hawaii, USA (http/www.bicommcouncil.org/susplanning.htm)

"Throughout my research efforts on sustainable development, I have to say that the Five E's web site is truly one of the sites that inspires me in my team's goal of working towards environmental sustainability." Mr. Cherie Lim, Climate Change Researcher, Quezon, Philippines (cherielim@newmail.net)

"Five E's consultants work very well directing teams of individuals from a variety of backgrounds. They know how to talk to us and how to help us talk to one another. Their ability to negotiate relationships among scientists, politicians, community leaders, and regular citizens serve their client's work well." Dr. Mona Danner, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA (mdanner@odu.edu)

"Five E's assisted a 5-year education program in sustainability at Northampton County High School -- The Legacy Program -- unique in its environmental/cultural instruction process, superimposed on an interdisciplinary blend of traditional high school courses. The Firm promoted international recognition of this environmental education program." The Eastern Shore News, Wednesday, July 12, 2000 (Tasley, VA)

"Great information on your web site. It covers such an array of issues related to sustainable development that I am incorporating this information into my environmental science class at Fleming College." -- Dr. Helene Savard, Fleming College, Lindsay, Ontario, CANADA.

"The message on your web site concerning different aspects of sustainable development is fascinating. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us on our work in Vietnam." -- Mr. Hoanh D. Tran, Esq., Woodbridge, Virginia, USA.

"I found your web site information on eco-tourism and environmental justice very interesting and agree totally with your premise. I am using this information in my recreation and resource management course at Northern Arizona University. Great insight into an issue that society needs to confront." -- Dr. Claudia Jurowski, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA. (Claudia.Jurowski@nau.edu)

"I enjoyed the information on your web site. You have the best definition of Sustainable Development that I have seen. I would like to refer members of my organization's Agriculture/Sustainable Development Committee to your sight for the education it provides." -- Ms. Susan Judkin, R/CPDF Project Manager, IA Department of Economic Development, Des Moines, Iowa, USA. (Susan.Judkins@ided.state.ia.us)

"The participants of our Kellogg Foundation funded MIRA program were still talking about the presentation of Dr. Flint more than two weeks after the regional workshop event. They were so excited about the material on community development that he presented, they are ahead of the coordinators in each of their communities about the projects they want to start." -- Drustella White, Southern Mountain MIRA Community Cluster, Duck Hill, Mississippi, USA. (alfowhite@aol.com)

"The SUSTAINABILITY REVIEW newsletter that Five E's Unlimited publishes is extremely informative, expands our understanding of sustainability, encourages those working in the field, provides the opportunity for discussion on sustainable development world-wide, and has personally been very helpful in my present work." -- Sanjay Gupta, SDNP-India, New Delhi, India.

"Several of the faculty at Northern Arizon University have found your Internet information pages on Sustainable Development extremely valuable in their classes. With your permission we would like to place some of these pages on electronic reserve in the Cline Library at NAU." -- Beth Schuck, Northern Arizona Univ. Electronic Reserves Librarian (Beth.Schuck@nau.edu).

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