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Experts in Public Participation

We are trained, certified facilitators in public participation, outreach, and dispute resolution. Warren Flint has been a roster member of the US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution (Tucson, AZ) for the last 9 years.

We have diverse experiences with all aspects of public participation practice and can guarantee it will be transparent, consensual, and inclusive through the application of private, non-judgmental, non-coercive transformative facilitation.

We believe the transformative approach works because it allows people to increase their ability to control their own lives. This empowerment creates more fulfilling experiences through mutual efforts to resolve shared problems according to the group’s self-defined values. Transformative facilitation promotes a sense of accomplishment and belonging through shared learning and dialogue in a process of growing self-realization, self-definition, and self-determination.

Check out the full range of our public participation practice. We base our methodology on the principles of Technology of Participation (ToP) and the many different tools we employ are all supported by the framework of transformative facilitation. The diversity of our public engagement methods allow us to design and facilitate any process a client might need to solve their particular problems or address their unique situations.

We also conduct training for Professional Development in public participation practices that covers basic skills as well as advanced facilitation methods, such as Social Mapping, Collaborative Community Problem-Solving, Appreciative Inquiry (AI), Open Space Technology (OST), Integral Thinking, Pattern Mapping, Design Charrettes, and the World Café process in our public consultation work.

Check out our recent Projects to learn the many different kinds of facilitation we design and conduct for our clients.

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