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Project of the Year Recognition

Five E’s Unlimited designed and facilitated a participatory, sustainable community strategic planning process for Dauphin Island, AL in 2007. The project was initiated, driven, and completed by the community through a transparent, all-inclusive participatory process that actively engaged all stakeholders through the application of transformative facilitation.

The results of this strategic planning process emphasized major issues such as water conservation, community behavior changes related to climate change strategies, including energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions, eco-tourism programs, rising sea level, protection of pristine coastal environments, diverse land-use strategies, and the general assessment of best uses for existing community assets (capital) to achieve long-term community resiliency. The project planning activities developed both short- and long-term strategies for these issues and more. In recognition of the success of this effort, the Dauphin Island project was picked as a Finalist in the 2009 International Association of Public Participation’s (IAP2) Project of the Year Award. The international recognition by IAP2 on pages 8 and 67 of the above linked report acknowledged the diversity of environmental, social, and economic issues addressed, as well as the project’s promotion of the IAP2 Core Values in public participation.

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