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Dauphin Island

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The Town of Dauphin Island, AL is working to develop a strategic approach for sustaining its economic livelihood and environmental relevance. The Island community recognizes the importance of natural resources and ecologic systems in supporting both economic development and societal well-being, as represented by maintenance and improvement in quality of life and preservation of cultural integrity. The community shows a deep concern for environmental sustainability as it relates to the social and economic capacity concerns of people. There is real possibility for significant change on the Island landscape in the years to come because of recent natural disasters. The anticipated change causes concern about community well-being. It also motivates a needed emphasis on “sustainable” development for effectively influencing the direction and momentum of the change affecting resource management and growth over the next several decades.

The community already knows the value of natural resources and ecological systems in supporting enduring economic improvements and societal well-being. This strategic planning project will facilitate the coming together of all interested stakeholders to broaden their collective wisdom in a way that the community will be able to articulate and evaluate the best strategies for ensuring economic viability and social integrity in ways that are environmentally sustainable. In addition, the work of all participants will promote the collective wisdom of the community with regards to best strategies of future governance, where previously competing entities will be able to better work together for improved organizational capacity and enhanced financial soundness toward achieving the community’s vision for Dauphin Island.

This Strategic Planning process is being funded in partnership with the Town of Dauphin Island by the following: the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium and the University of Southern Mississippi; the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, State Lands Division; and the Dauphin Island Sea Lab and Mobile Bay National Estuary Program.

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